vendre – to sell – French verb conjugated

Vendre - To Sell - Verbe Conjugué

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Ils vendent de jolies plantes dans cette jardinerie.
They sell nice plants at this nursery.

French verb conjugated – VENDRE – Verbe Conjugué – How is this verb – to receive, to get in English– conjugated? What does it sound like?

Indicatif - Indicative Mode .... statements

présent .... present tense

je vends .... I sell*

je ne vends pas .... I’m not selling

je vends .... I sell

tu vends .... you sell

elle vend .... she sells

il vend .... he/it sells

on vend .... we sell

nous vendons .... we sell

vous vendez .... you sell

elles vendent .... they sell

ils vendent .... they sell

also I'm selling…

imparfait .... imperfect

je vendais .... I used to sell*

je ne vendais pas .... I didn’t use to sell

je vendais .... I used to sell

tu vendais .... you used to sell

elle vendait .... she used to sell

il vendait .... he/it used to sell

on vendait .... we used to sell

nous vendions .... we used to sell

vous vendiez .... you used to sell

elles vendaient .... they used to sell

ils vendaient .... they used to sell

also I was selling, I would sell…

passé composé .... preterite, present perfect

j’ai vendu .... I sold*

je n’ai pas vendu .... I didn’t sell

j’ai vendu .... I sold

tu as vendu .... you sold

elle a vendu .... she sold

il a vendu .... he/it sold

on a vendu .... we sold

nous avons vendu .... we sold

vous avez vendu .... you sold

elles ont vendu .... they sold

ils ont vendu .... they sold

also I have sold….

futur simple .... future tense

je vendrai .... I will sell

je ne vendrai pas .... I won’t sell

je vendrai .... I will sell

tu vendras .... you will sell

elle vendra .... she will sell

il vendra .... he/it will sell

on vendra .... we will sell

nous vendrons .... we will sell

vous vendrez .... you will sell

elles vendront .... they will sell

ils vendront .... they will sell


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3 comments to vendre – to sell – French verb conjugated

  • Laura Osipova

    Anne, may I ask you: how many French verbs are in French language?
    There are 133 irregular verbs in French.

    Bonne chance!

    • Voilà une très bonne question ! Je ne sais pas vraiment combien de verbes il y a en français. What a good question! I’m not sure exactly how many French verbs there are in French. I’d say about 15 000. However, some of these verbs are repeats (for instance, verbs in SE, verbs in RE-, etc, which are conjugated the same way. And I believe that if you know between 200 and 500 hundred of them, you’ll be all set to speak French fluently.

  • Laura Osipova

    Merci, Anne!

    Its very interesting. Well, I must learn some 500 verbs!
    Learning French, its for hard-working people:))

    Bonne chance à vous!



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