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Practice French expressions with the word ‘œuf’

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French Exercise

Termes avec œuf

French expressions with 'oeuf'

AUDIO by Anne, a French native.


With today’s French task, you have to decide on a French expression dealing with the word ‘œuf – egg’. You can find the French idioms here.

Choisissez la réponse – A ou B – la plus probable.

Pick the one answer – A or B – that makes more sense.

Practice expressions with French word 'œuf'

1.aller se faire __________ un œuf … to get lost



2.être __________ comme un œuf … to be full or really drunk



3.__________ l’œuf … to act silly, to play dumb

A.jouer à


Réponses – Answers

1.A - aller se faire cuire un œuf … to get lost

2.A - être plein comme un œuf … to be full or really drunk

3.B - faire l’œuf … to act silly, to play dumb

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