Practice DEVENIR, to become

Practice DEVENIR, to become

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Elle était devenue aigrie.

Practice DEVENIR - How is DEVENIR conjugated? How does it work?

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However, DEVENIR also works like VENIR does. Review VENIR here and review verbs and tenses: listen to the AUDIOs – with a French accent and translate these 10 conjugations into French.

  1. I easily become red-faced when I run a lot.
  2. Are you (tu) becoming deaf?
  3. She had become bitter.
  4. He won’t become an engineer.
  5. It just became green.
  6. We (on) aren’t going to become champs right away.
  7. We’ll (nous) become angels.
  8. Are you (vous) becoming a salesperson or a technician?
  9. They would (elles) become powerful.
  10. I don’t think they’re (ils) becoming adult quickly.


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