Exercice – Practice ALLER

Exercice – Practice ALLER

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Je vais décorer les marches.

Exercice – Practice ALLER - Practice conjugating ALLER. Listen to Anne's AUDIO below, with a French accent.

Exercice – Practice ALLER – TO GO

Listen to this AUDIO and fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb ALLER.

She’s going there. Elle y _____.
They’re going to the coffee shop. Elles _____ au café.
He goes to school every day. Il _____ à l’école tous les jours
One/We/You must go. Il faut y _____ .
They aren’t going today. Ils n’y _____ pas aujourd’hui.
I’m going to the market. Je _____ au marché.
We’re not going to the concert. Nous n’_____ pas au concert.
Let’s go. On y _____.
Are you doing (going) okay? Tu _____ bien ?
You’re not doing (going) okay? Vous n’ _____ pas bien ?

Réponses – Answers here

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