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J’ai fait ces gâteaux pour vous.

Traduire POUR n’est pas toujours facile. En voici dix usages communs.

Translating POUR isn’t always easy. Here are ten common uses for it.

  • pour + noun or pronoun = for
  • pour + double noun = for
  • pour + noun or pronoun = about
  • pour + noun or pronoun = as
  • pour = per, to
  • pour + infinitive verb = to
  • pour + infinitive verb = in order to
  • pour + negative infinitive verb = in order not to
  • pour + verb = and, but
  • pour + verb = only to

I get into a lot more detail in the premium worksheet. Get it here, as a member.

Exercice - Practice

To practice, translate into French.

  1. Add a tablespoon of sugar to each pound of flour.
  2. He was nice when I had him as a supervisor.
  3. I got my degree a year ago to the day.
  4. I have to wait here in order not to loose my spot.
  5. I’m singing for you.
  6. She called me to go for a walk.
  7. She run all the way to here only to find the door closed.
  8. She’s checking the schedule about the ticket.
  9. The report is for next Monday.
  10. You need to practice more in order to learn the language.

Answers here.

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