Verbs that take the preposition DE

Verbs that take the preposition DE

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French verbs that take the preposition DE - What are they? Why is it important to know them?

Here are 10 common verbs using the preposition DE

DE-Verbs are important to know. DE-Verbs can be direct or indirect. My advice: learn the preposition along with your new verb. See why some verbs are in italics in the Premium worksheet

  1. accepter de .... to accept to
  2. accuser quelqu'un de .... to accuse someone of
  3. arrêter de .... to stop
  4. avoir besoin de .... to need
  5. avoir envie de .... to want
  6. avoir honte de .... to be ashamed to           
  7. avoir peur de .... to be afraid of
  8. cesser de .... to stop, to cease
  9. choisir de .... to choose to
  10. conseiller de .... to advise to

I get into a lot more detail in the Premium area

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