Present tense – Verbs with a spelling change

Present tense spelling changes in French

present spelling change

Je mange des yaourts - Nous mangeons des yaourts.

How does the present tense spelling changes work in French?

The present tense is really tricky in French. See the rules on regular -ER verbs here.

Once again, there isn’t much logic to conjugating verbs in French. The best way to know it is to memorize.

In this worksheet, we are focusing on verbs that have a different spelling than the rest of the conjugation in their

NOUS form or in the NOUS & VOUS forms

Here are two present tense spelling changes in French.

-GER verbs only in the nous form

add an e after the g in the NOUS form

je mange --> nous mangeons

verb English example
manger to eat nous mangeons
voyager to travel nous voyageons
changer to change nous changeons
nager to swim nous nageons

-CER verbs only in the nous form

add a cédille ç to the c in the NOUS form

j’avance --> nous avançons

verb English example
avancer to move forward nous avonçons
re/commencer to start/again nous commençons

More explanations and practice in the Premium worksheet

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