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sentir, to feel, etc.

sentir, to feel, etc.

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La rose sent bon.

How do you translate TO FEEL? Is it SENTIR or another verb? 

The verbs SENTIR and TO FEEL are often intertwined and tricky to translate. To feel it, translate the following 10 sentences.

  1. The rose smells good.
  2.  He made me feel I was unwanted.
  3.  I won’t go with them to the concert because I can smell a rat.
  4. I (can) feel all of my muscles after doing sports.
  5.  I feel I’m disturbing you.
  6. They feel so soft.
  7. I still live at my parents at 23 and I feel I’m being watched.
  8. I feel at home in Paris.
  9. I feel comfortable in Paris.
  10. What is your feeling about it?

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