French verb conjugated – prendre – to take

French verb conjugated - prendre - to take

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Je vais prendre un citron pressé.

How is this French verb conjugated - PRENDRE - TO TAKE? What does it sound like? AUDIO below, by Anne, a native speaker

Indicatif - Indicative Mode -- statements

présent -- present tense

je prends -- I take*

je ne prends pas -- I don’t take

je prends -- I take

tu prends -- you take

elle prend -- she takes

il prend -- he/it takes

on prend -- we take

nous prenons -- we take

vous prenez -- you take

elles prennent -- they take

ils prennent -- they take

-- *also I'm taking…

imparfait -- imperfect

je prenais -- I used to take*

je ne prenais pas -- I didn’t use to take

je prenais -- I used to take

tu prenais -- you used to take

elle prenait -- she used to take

il prenait -- he/it used to take

on prenait -- we used to take

nous prenions -- we used to take

vous preniez -- you used to take

elles prenaient -- they used to take

ils prenaient -- they used to take

-- *also I was taking, I would take…

passé composé -- preterit or present perfect

j’ai pris -- I took*

je n’ai pas pris -- I didn’t take

j’ai pris -- I took

tu as pris -- you took

elle a pris -- she took

il a pris -- he/it took

on a pris -- we took

nous avons pris -- we took

vous avez pris -- you took

elles ont pris -- they took

ils ont pris -- they took

-- *also I have taken….

futur simple -- future tense

je prendrai -- I will take

je ne prendrai pas -- I won’t take

je prendrai -- I will take

tu prendras -- you will take

elle prendra -- she will take

il prendra -- he/it will take

on prendra -- we will take

nous prendrons -- we will take

vous prendrez -- you will take

elles prendront -- they will take

ils prendront -- they will take

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Note : ‘prendre’ also means ‘to order’ or ‘to have’ when ordering food and drinks.

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