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Le futur antérieur – Future perfect

Le futur antérieur - Future perfect

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J’aurai pris mon petit déje quand elle arrivera.

Use the future perfect when an action in the future happens before another one:

I will have eaten breakfast when she comes in.

J’aurai pris mon petit déje quand elle arrivera.

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practice (advanced level)

Translate the sentences using a future perfect in every one of them.

  1. He’ll taste his beer as soon as it’s done carbonizing.
  2. I’ll go as soon as I’m finished with the book.
  3. I’ll have learned how to flip crêpes before Crêpe Day.
  4. She’ll come and see you as soon as she’ll have gotten the results.
  5. They’ll go fishing when they’ve rented a boat.
  6. They’ll have bought the guidebook before they visit the museum.
  7. We’ll go to the movies as soon as we’re done with dinner.
  8. We’ll have had a jam session before we play at the concert.
  9. You’ll be able to work on the house when you’ve gone to the DIY store.
  10. You’ll call us when you’re home?

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