manger – to eat – French verb conjugated

French verb conjugated – manger – to eat


Nous allons manger de bonnes châtaignes cette année.
We are going to eat good chestnuts this fall.

How is this French verb conjugated – MANGER – TO EAT? What does it sound like? AUDIO below, by Anne, a native speaker

mang- is the root of the verb

-er is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode -- statements

présent -- present tense

je mange -- I eat*

je ne mange pas -- I don’t eat

tu manges -- you eat

elle mange -- she eats

il mange -- he/it eats

on mange -- we eat

nous mangeons -- we eat

vous mangez -- you eat

elles mangent -- they eat

ils mangent -- they eat

*I’m eating…

imparfait -- imperfect

je mangeais -- I used to eat*

je ne mangeais pas -- I didn’t used to eat

tu mangeais -- you used to eat

elle mangeait -- she used to eat

il mangeait -- he/it used to eat

on mangeait -- we used to eat

nous mangions -- we used to eat

vous mangiez -- you used to eat

elles mangeaient -- they used to eat

ils mangeaient -- they used to eat

*I would eat, I was eating…

passé composé -- preterit or present perfect

j’ai mangé -- I ate*

je n’ai pas mangé -- I didn’t eat

tu as mangé -- you ate

elle a mangé -- she ate

il a mangé -- he/it ate

on a mangé -- we ate

nous avons mangé -- we ate

vous avez mangé -- you ate

elles ont mangé -- they ate

ils ont mangé -- they ate

*I have eaten…

futur simple -- future tense

je mangerai -- I will eat

je ne mangerai pas -- I won’t eat

tu mangeras -- you will eat

elle mangera -- she will eat

il mangera -- he/it will eat

on mangera -- we will eat

nous mangerons -- we will eat

vous mangerez -- you will eat

elles mangeront -- they will eat

ils mangeront -- they will eat

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