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faire des affaires, to find a bargain

faire des affaires, to find a bargain


What does the French expression ‘ faire des affaires mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne's French accent

faire des affaires. faire to do des affaires business means to find or to get a bargain. And French people are going to start faire des affaires with les soldes very soon. Les soldes happen only twice a year in France, in January and in July. It's very regulated by the law. Stores aren't allowed to discount much in between. So, you can imagine the bain de foule, the crowd.

  • « Demain, c'est [ce sont] les soldes. On va faire des affaires. »
  • "Tomorrow is kick off day for the sales. We're gonna find good bargains."

If your French is pretty good already, there is a fun exercise for you to do on the Web site.

Tenses and Modes

présent : je fais des affaires, nous faisons des affaires

imparfait : je faisais des affaires, nous faisions des affaires

futur : je ferai des affaires, nous ferons des affaires

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