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Indefinite adjectives and pronouns

Indefinite adjectives and pronouns


Ramenez-moi quelque chose de la pâtisserie, une religieuse par exemple.

Indefinite adjectives, pronouns, and phrases – What are they and how are they used?

French indefinite adjectives, pronouns, and phrases are used to add a vague and unspecific piece of information such as ‘other’, ‘something’, ‘someone’, ‘whoever’. Adjectives modify a noun and pronouns stand on their own.

The list below shows the masculine singular form. You’ll find some indefinite adjectives and pronouns also in the adverbs lists.

Indefinite Adjectives – Les adjectifs indéfinis

  1. aucun .... no
  2. autre .... other
  3. certain .... some, certain
  4. chaque .... each
  5. tout .... every

Indefinite Pronouns – Les pronoms indéfinis

  1. aucun .... anyone, none
  2. autre .... other
  3. autre chose .... something else
  4. autrui .... other people
  5. nul .... no one

Indefinite Phrases – Les locutions indéfinies

  1. grand-chose .... much
  2. grand-monde .... many people
  3. je ne sais quel .... I don’t know who/what
  4. je ne sais qui/quoi .... I don’t know who/what
  5. quel que soit .... whatever

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