Gender of French words

french gender

Le cafetier nettoie la cafetière.

The bar owner cleans the coffee pot.

French nouns have a gender.  For instance, a chair is feminine, and an armchair is masculine. The gender is shown in the article: le, la, un or une. You’ll hear/see the gender in front of each word in all of the FRENCH ETC. lists.

The gender is not always logical – why do you say un livre (a book) and une livre (half a pound)?

For most nouns, you'll have to memorize the gender with every new noun you learn. However, there are a few tricks you can hang onto to spot a gender.

  • nouns ending in –ade –aison–ale –ance –ence  –ette –ie  –ode –ole –sion –té –tée –tion –ude –ure tend to be feminine
  • nouns ending in –acle –age –asme –eau –isme –ment –phone –scope and nouns that come from a Foreign language tend to be masculine


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