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petit canard

You probably know that un canard is a duck. However, the word canard is used in other – funny – ways. Listen to them. AUDIO below.

  1. un froid de canard -- really cold
  2. mon petit canard -- Sweetheart
  3. le canard[1] -- the newspaper
  4. un canard -- a lump of sugar dunked in coffee or alcohol
  5. faire un canard -- to hit a bad note, to be out of tune
  6. un canard boiteux -- a misfit, an unsuccessful company
  7. marcher en canard -- to walk with everted feet
  8. marcher comme un canard -- to waddle
  9. ça ne casse pas trois pattes à un canard (it doesn’t break a duck’s three legs) -- it’s blah, not great at all
  10. il ne faut pas prendre les enfants du bon dieu pour des canards sauvages (you shouldn’t take god-fearing people for wild ducks) -- don’t underestimate people’s intelligence

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