Reflexive vs. non reflexive verbs

Reflexive vs. non reflexive verbs


Je me réveille à 6 heures et je réveille le bébé à 7 heures.

I wake up at 6 and I get the baby up at 7.

French verbs sometimes have both a neutral form and a reflexive form and their meanings can be different.

  1. amuser -- to entertain -- s’amuser -- to have fun
  2. appeler -- to call -- s’appeler -- to be named or to call each other
  3. demander -- to ask -- se demander -- to wonder or to ask one another
  4. entendre -- to hear -- s’entendre -- to agree, to get along
  5. promener quelqu’un -- to take someone/dog out -- se promener -- to take a stroll

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