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On va faire du bricolage. Je percerai le plafond. Tu tiendras l’échelle.

TENIR means ‘to hold’ and many many other things. Here are 30 common expressions with TENIR

tenir to hold
ça ne tient qu’à toi it’s up to you
en tenir pour quelqu’un to be in love
Qu’à cela ne tienne ! no problem, no big deal, never mind, so be it
s’en tenir à to only do
se tenir to maintain oneself in a position
se tenir to hold one another
se tenir (bien, mal) to behave (well, badly)
se tenir à to be at such a place
se tenir pour to consider oneself
tenir à to really want
tenir à peu de choses to almost
tenir au courant to keep posted
tenir compte de to take into consideration
tenir conseil to deliberate
tenir de to take after
tenir en haleine to excite a person’s interest
tenir ferme to hold steady, to not given an inch
tenir l’alcool to drink a lot of alcohol without feeling/looking drunk
tenir la chandelle to be the third/fifth wheel, to feel excluded
tenir la dragée haute to let people know who’s the boss
tenir la jambe to keep talking to someone who is not interested
tenir la route to be plausible
tenir le choc to cope with a problem
tenir le coup to resist
tenir le haut du pavé to have a high social status, to be on top
tenir lieu de to serve as
tenir pour to consider as
tenir quelque chose de quelqu’un to have heard something from somebody
tenir sa langue to not say something

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