Bread expressions


c'est du bon pain

Expressions with bread - Expressions avec pain

The word pain – bread – is found in many expressions, a lot of them having to do with money, jobs and comfort. In alphabetic order. Continue

  1. aller au pain* .... to go to bread .... to go and get bread (literal)
  2. avoir du pain sur la planche .... to have bread on the cutting board .... to have a lot to do
  3. c’est comme du bon pain .... it’s like good bread .... it’s bliss
  4. ça ne mange pas de pain .... it doesn’t eat any bread .... it’s not important, it’s cheap
  5. du pain bénit .... blessed bread .... it’s a godsend
  6. enlever le pain de la bouche .... to take bread out of one’s mouth .... to deprive of a source of income
  7. être au pain sec .... to be at the dry bread .... to be in a difficult economic situation
  8. gagner son pain .... to earn one’s bread .... to earn a living
  9. le pain quotidien .... the daily bread .... the daily bread (prayer)
  10. long comme un jour sans pain .... as long as a day without bread .... dreadfully long


* familiar, every day French


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