avoir – to have – 4 tenses

avoir - to have - 4 tenses. Listen below. Continue with Premium material...

présent present tense
j’ai I have*
je n’ai pas I don’t have
j’ai I have
tu as you have
elle a she has
il a he/it has
on a we have
nous avons we have
vous avez you have
elles ont they have
ils ont they have
*also I’m having…
imparfait imperfect
j’avais I used to have*
je n’avais pas I didn’t use to have
j’avais I used to have
tu avais you used to have
elle avait she used to have
il avait he/it used to have
on avait we used to have
nous avions we used to have
vous aviez you used to have
elles avaient they used to have
ils avaient they used to have
•also I was having, I would have…
passé composé preterite or present perfect
j’ai eu I had*
je n’ai pas eu I didn’t have
j’ai eu I had
tu as eu you had
elle a eu she had
il a eu he/it had
on a eu we had
nous avons eu we had
vous avez eu you had
elles ont eu they had
ils ont eu they had
*also I have had…
futur simple future tense
j’aurai I will have
je n’aurai pas I won’t have
j’aurai I will have
tu auras you will have
elle aura she will have
il aura he/it will have
on aura we will have
nous aurons we will have
vous aurez you will have
elles auront they will have
ils auront they will have



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