French national holidays

Major French national holidays


  • January 1 -- New Year’s Day -- Nouvel an
  • a Sunday in April -- Easter -- Pâques
  • May 1 -- Labor Day  -- Fête du Travail
  • May 8 -- end of 2nd World War -- Fin de la 2ième guerre mondiale
  • July 14 -- Bastille Day -- 14 juillet, fête nationale
  • August 15 -- Assumption -- Sainte Marie
  • November 1 -- All Saints’ Day -- La toussaint
  • November 11 -- end of 1st W. War -- Fin de la 1ière guerre mondiale
  • December 25 -- Christmas -- Noël

The month of May is definitely merry – Merry May – for the French:

May 1 is a national holiday, so is May 8 and so it the next Thursday after May 8 (jeudi de l’Ascension) and sometimes, your company also decides to make le lundi de la Pentecôte (Whit Monday coming soon after) a holiday.

So ; let’s say May 1 is a Thursday. Most French workers will choose to take Friday off. The next week is also a 3-day work-week, and so is the next one, because of Ascension. If Whit Monday comes soon after, one can get another 3-day week end. I think there are more (paid) holidays than work days in French May.

Did you know?

- that French people have 5 weeks of paid vacation in addition to the regular national holidays?


Wouldn’t you love to be French?


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