Plaire – To please

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Plaire - To please

You are probably familiar with the expression: s’il te plaît which means please. Literally, s’il te plaît is “if it to you pleases”.

The translation of plaire is to please, however, there are two things to watch out for:

  • it is mostly used to translate to like
  • the structure of the sentence is inversed (see in context)
pronoun conjugation English
je plais I please
tu plais you please
elle plaît she pleases
il/ça plaît he/it pleases
on plaît we please
nous plaisons we please
vous plaisez you please
ils plaisent they please
elles plaisent they please

in context
  • I like the movie. [The movie to me pleases]
  • Le film me plaît.
  • My boss likes me. [I please to my boss]
  • Je plais à ma chef.
  • My parents don’t like them. [They don’t please to my parents]
  • Ils ne plaisent pas à mes parents.

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