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Mardi-Gras in France

What is mardi-gras in France? How is it celebrated in France? What are the words to talk about it in French?


Au mardi-gras, l’hiver s’en va.

At Mardi-Gras, winter goes away.

Nursery Rhyme

Mardi-Gras ne t'en va pas, je fais des crêpes, je fais des crêpes. Mardi gras ne t'en va pas, je fais des crêpes et tu en auras.

Mardi-Gras don’t go away, I’m making crêpes, I’m making crêpes. Mardi-Gras don’t go away, I’m making crêpes and you’ll get some.

Mardi-Gras – Fat or Shrove Tuesday – is a Christian celebration marking the last day of eating rich food, 47 days before Easter. Mardi-Gras’s date changes every year, as Easter isn’t either a set date.

The term Mardi-Gras has come to indicate the whole Carnaval period of festivities around that Tuesday. Carnaval is big mainly in the South of France, particularly in Nice, French Riviera...


  1. m .... beignet .... fried doughnut
  2. m .... carnaval .... carnival
  3. m .... carnavalier .... person involved with carnival, 'carnivalor'
  4. m .... char .... float
  5. m .... corso fleuri .... flowery parade
  6. m .... défilé .... parade
  7. f .... foule .... crowd
  8. m/f .... gras/se .... fat
  9. f .... Promenade des Anglais .... Avenue along Angels Bay in Nice
  10. m .... roi-carnaval .... Carnaval King

Expressions with ‘gras’

  1. ø .... discuter le bout de gras .... to schmooze
  2. ø .... faire gras .... to eat meat


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