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Verbs that take the preposition À

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Le Solex ressemble à un vélo.

Here is a list of the 10 common verbs that require the preposition À

  1. demander à -- to ask
  2. dire à -- to say to, to tell
  3. donner à -- to give to
  4. écrire à -- to write to
  5. offrir à -- to offer
  6. parler à -- to talk to
  7. prêter à -- to lend to
  8. répondre à -- to answer
  9. ressembler à -- to look like
  10. téléphoner à -- to call

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Verbs that take the preposition À (to or from) are important to know because they

  • stay invariable (masculine and singular) when reflexive in compound tenses[1]
    • Elles se sont parlé. They talked to each other.
      • There is no agreement with pronoun se=elles because PARLER originally takes À (the infinitive form is ‘parler à‘)
  • take LUI and LEUR as pronouns when referring to a person
    • Elle lui a parlé (à Fabienne). She talked to her.
      • HER (fem. in English) is LUI (masc. in French) because PARLER originally takes À (the infinitive form is ‘parler à‘

[1] compounds tenses all have a past participle. The most important compound tenses are le passé composé, le plus-que-parfait, le futur antérieur and le conditionnel passé.


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