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French Overseas Territories 



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French people like to travel as much as any other person. Their favorite destinations remain the French Overseas Territories. French Overseas Territories are still called by their old name: DOM-TOMs (Départements et Territoires d’Outre-Mer) in everyday French. Since 2003, they are actually DROM-COM (Départements et Régions d’Outre-Mer – Collectivités d’Outre-Mer)and there is also a POM (Pays d’Outre-Mer), the French Polynesia with Tahiti and its other islands.

The DOM-TOMs are spread out all over the globe. They are all administered by the French government and they enjoy different levels of autonomy. The legislation in the Départements is very close to mainland France government. The Collectivités enjoy more freedom in their legislation, and the French Polynesia even more.


Here is a list of the major French DOM-TOMs

Region English French Capitale/Biggest Place Status
Pacific Ocean French Polynesia la Polynésie française Papeete – Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Îles Marquises POM/COM
South America French Guiana la Guyane Cayenne DOM
West Indies Guadeloupe la Guadeloupe Basse-terre DOM
West Indies Martinique la Martinique Fort-de-France DOM
Indian Ocean Reunion Island la Réunion Saint-Denis DOM
Atlantic Ocean Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon Saint-Pierre COM
Pacific Ocean Wallis-et-Futuna Wallis-et-Futuna Mata-Utu COM
Indian Ocean Mayotte Island Mayotte Mamoudzou COM
Indian Ocean Scattered Islands les Îles Éparses(TAAF) Saint Pierre (Réunion) COM
Indian Ocean Crozet Islands les Îles Crozet (TAAF) Alfred Faure COM
Indian Ocean Kerguelen Islands les Îles Kerguelen(TAAF) Port-aux-Français COM
Indian Ocean Saint-Paul-et-Amsterdam Islands les Îles Saint-Paul-et-Amsterdam(TAAF) Martin de Viviès  COM
West Indies Saint-Barth Saint-Barhélemy Gustavia COM
West Indies Saint Martin Island Saint Martin Marigot COM
West Indies Saint Barthélémy Island Saint Barthélémy Gustavia COM
Antartica Adelie Land Terre Adélie(TAAF) Saint Pierre (Réunion) COM
Pacific Ocean Clipperton Island Clipperton Camp Bougainville COM
Pacific Ocean New Caledonia la Nouvelle Calédonie Nouméa COM
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