L’argot Coquin – French saucy terms

L’argot Coquin - French saucy terms

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This page has very explicit language - Please advise accordingly

What are French saucy terms ?

I have compiled this short list of common saucy slang words. Most of these words are offensive in most contexts and I would not use them – ever. Nevertheless, these are French words and are pretty common in today’s French literature, radio and TV broadcasts, and in movies.

A note on offensive words: it seems that the English translation of many French slang words comes out much more offensive in English than it does in French. It seems, the French use their slang words more freely, and sometimes words sound really bad in English, they don’t carry the same onus in French.

Gender Sexy Slang Proper French English
m cul les fesses, le derrière ass
f poule une fille/femme babe
m mauvais coup un mauvais amant, une mauvaise maîtresse bad lay
f couille testicule ball
ø une pipe une fellation blow job, BJ
m lolo, néné un sein boob
m clito, bonbon un clitoris clit
f bite un pénis cock
f capote un préservatif condom
m rencard un rendez-vous amoureux date
f, f, m pine, queue, zob un pénis dick
m gode un godemichet, olisbos dildo
m, f patin, galoche un baiser avec la langue French kiss

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