Liste de verbes pronominaux

Liste de verbes pronominaux

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Ça s’appelle un chou.

Liste de verbes pronominaux

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List of common reflexive verbs

s’amuser to have fun (to amuse oneself)
s’appeler to call oneself or each other
s’arrêter to stop
s’asseoir to sit (oneself) down
s’embrasser to kiss
s’en aller to go away
s’endormir to fall asleep
s’entendre to get along or to hear one another
s’habiller to get dressed/up or to dress someone
s’habituer à to get used to
s’intéresser à to be interested in
s’occuper de to take care of, to mind, to attend to
se brosser to brush oneself or one another
se coucher to go to bed
se couper to cut oneself or one another
se demander to wonder or to ask one another
se dépêcher to rush oneself
se doucher to take a shower
se fâcher contre to get angry at
se laver to wash oneself
se lever to raise oneself = to get/stand up
se maquiller to make up
se marier à (avec) to marry
se méfier de to not trust, to be wary of
se moquer de to make fun of
se parler to talk to oneself or to each other
se passer to pass itself = to happen
se promener to walk oneself = to take a stroll
se quitter to leave
se raser to shave
se regarder to look at oneself or at each other
se rencontrer to meet each other
se reposer to rest
se réveiller to wake up or to wake someone up
se sentir to feel
se souvenir de to remember
se taire to not say, to remain quiet
se tromper to make a mistake
se trouver to be (at a place)
se voir to see one another

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