Verb tenses and modes

 French verbs tenses and modes

How do French verbs tenses and modes work? When to use what tense?

L'indicatif - the Indicative mode, the mode of statements

  1. Présent
  2. Passé composé
  3. Imparfait: when and how
  4. Passé composé vs. imparfait
  5. Futur simple
  6. Passé proche
  7. Futur proche
  8. Futur antérieur
  9. Plus-que-parfait
  10. Passé simple


  1. Present commands

Le conditionnel - Conditional mode, the mode of hypothesis and conditions

  1. Conditional mode

Le Subjonctif - Subjunctive, the mode of subjectivity, emotions, feelings,demands, wishes, hopes

  1. Present subjunctive - when
  2. Present subjunctive - how
  3. Avoiding the subjunctive mode- practice - premium
  4. Past subjunctive
  5. Imperfect subjunctive
  6. Pluperfect subjunctive

Les participes - Participles

  1. present participle
  2. past participle list
    1. practice 1
    2. practice 2

L'infinitif - The infinitive mode

  1. The infinitive mode - what and how
    1. practice

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