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We hope that the free podcasts and language lessons at FRENCH ETC  have helped you improve your French. If you're ready to take your French to the next level, the FRENCH ETC Premium Membership is for you, but let Anne tell you about FRENCH HOUR as well.
Starting in 2017, FE will continue being up with its wonderful material so you can learn French and still browse its thousands of worksheets, while Anne is going to add her new worksheets onto FRENCH HOUR, a learning platform with many more capability for you to learn French better; better quizzes, more attractive lessons, and so on.

Should you choose to be and FE member, you can get an exclusive monthly membership similar to this one. Let Anne know if you're interested in the exclusive membership on FH.

Benefits of FE Premium Membership

  • All the podcast worksheets, extended vocabulary lists, exercises, and answer sheets
  • Tutorials
  • Online support
  • Special requests for topics and content
  • Exclusive membership to FRENCH HOUR - Anne's new improved website - upon request

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Monthly Premium Membership $12 per month, automatically recurring
Important:  If you are already a free member, and if you wish to upgrade from a free to a premium account, you must be logged into your free account before you pay for the upgrade, and use the same e-mail address for payment that you use for your French Etc account.






Frequently Asked Questions - FQA

Why will happen in January 2017?

  • Coucou, c’est Anne !
    I’ve been working on two sites since February 2015. I've run French Etc. (FE) for eight years. And although it's extremely satisfying to teach on French Etc., the site isn't working as well as it should. After great deliberation, hesitation and doubt, I have decided to switch to a brand new site, French Hour (FH). However, rest assured FE's material will stay here for you forever. So, if FE's model suits you,  yes please, do become a member of FE; but come and visit French Hour often, because, eventually, FH will have all of the same material that French Etc. offers, and more. Morevover, please note that if you were an FE member previously, you can get an FH membership, very similar to this FE membership with full access to this site and a 1-month free trial. Just ask Anne to get your free-month exclusive membership.


  • Payment can be made  with Paypal or with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover on the PayPal page. To use a card instead of Paypal, just select "Pay using your credit or debit card" during checkout on the Paypal page. Please note that if you pay for your registration with a family member or a friend's card and/or email address, the family member or friend will be the official member. She or he will get the confirmation email and only she or he will have access to the website, not you, unless you use her or his information to log in.

Can I pay with my country currency (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc.)

  •  We accept all major credit, debit cards and PayPal. Your credit card should work regardless of your local currency and location. To estimate the price in your local currency, you may use this currency converter.

Recurring billing and Cancellations

Sponsor a New Member and Receive a Bonus

  • Sponsor a new Premium member and receive a free 20-minute video tutorial on the topic of your choice. To claim your bonus, write to Anne with the full name and FRENCH ETC username (login name) of the Premium member you sponsored.

Receiving our E-mails

  • To ensure that you receive e-mails from French Etc, make sure to include anne@frenchetc.org in your e-mail contacts.

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