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Verbs that take the preposition À

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Le Solex ressemble à un vélo.

Here is a list of the 10 common verbs that require the preposition À

  1. demander à -- to ask
  2. dire à -- to say to, to tell
  3. donner à -- to give to
  4. écrire à -- to write to
  5. offrir à -- to offer
  6. parler à -- to talk to
  7. prêter à -- to lend to
  8. répondre à -- to answer
  9. ressembler à -- to look like
  10. téléphoner à -- to call

I get into a lot more detail in the Premium worksheet

Verbs that take the preposition À (to or from) are important to know because they

  • stay invariable (masculine and singular) when reflexive in compound tenses[1]
    • Elles se sont parlé. They talked to each other.
      • There is no agreement with pronoun se=elles because PARLER originally takes À (the infinitive form is ‘parler à‘)
  • take LUI and LEUR as pronouns when referring to a person
    • Elle lui a parlé (à Fabienne). She talked to her.
      • HER (fem. in English) is LUI (masc. in French) because PARLER originally takes À (the infinitive form is ‘parler à‘

[1] compounds tenses all have a past participle. The most important compound tenses are le passé composé, le plus-que-parfait, le futur antérieur and le conditionnel passé.


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About Paris

Love in Paris

Ça te dit, Paris ?

How about Paris?

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Crêpe Recipe

Crêpe Recipe



A French recipe, through the eyes of a native

What's the crepe recipe? How easy is it to make French crepes?

About Anne's crêpes

I don’t put any sugar in my crêpe recipe. That allows me to use the leftover batter for savory crêpes, stuffed with cheese, ham, veggies, whatever is getting oldish in my fridge. For sweet crêpes, I make a whole batch at once, and I sprinkle sugar over each crepe when it is finished. It melts on the hot crepe and become kind of a syrup. Miam miam… delicious !


  • Get ½ stick of butter to room temperature to butter the crepe pan
  • It’s best to do the batter at least an hour before. It takes about 5 minutes to make the batter
  • Cooking time: 3 minutes per crepe


  • 2 cups of flour
  • 2 large or 3 small eggs
  • 2 cups of milk
  • a spoonful of vegetable oil (NOT olive oil)
  • a pinch of salt


  • a mixing bowl
  • a whip or wooden spoon
  • a crepe pan or a saute pan that has a coated surface
  • a ladle to scoop the batter into the crepe pan
  • a cloth with butter to butter the crepe pan before each crepe


Mix flour and salt. Add eggs and then milk. The batter must be pretty liquid. Let sit for an hour or over night.

Heat your pan. Butter the crepe pan. You know the pan is at the right temperature if the butter froths. Pour about 1/8 cup of batter – it depends on your pan size and on your taste in crêpes – in the pan. Turn your pan so the batter covers the whole pan. Let it cook for 1 or 2 minutes. Shake it off the bottom of the pan, and flip it. At first, you might want to use your 2 hands and work up to the flipping part later.

Bon Appétit !

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Hobbies - Les passe-temps

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A few words to start you with

  • basketball ... m ... basket
  • bird watching ... ø ... observer les oiseaux
  • book ... m ... livre
  • chess ... mp ... échecs
  • fishing ... f ... pêche
  • game board ... m ... jeu de société
  • guitar ... f ... guitare
  • hiking ... ø ... faire des randonnées, marches
  • hockey ... ø ... faire du hockey
  • hunting ... f ... chasse
  • jogging ... m ... jogging
  • piano ... m ... piano
  • reading ... ø ... lire
  • sailing ... ø ... faire de la voile
  • skiing ... ø ... faire du ski
  • soccer ... m ... foot
  • tennis ... m ... tennis
  • to cook ... ø ... faire la cuisine
  • to dance ... ø ... danser
  • to draw ... ø ... dessiner
  • to go to a concert ... ø ... aller au concert
  • to go to the beach ... ø ... aller à la plage
  • to go to the movie ... ø ... aller au cinéma
  • to play a (game) ... ø ... jouer au, à la
  • to play a (musical instrument) ... ø ... jouer du, de la
  • to play a (sport) ... ø ... jouer au (sport)
  • to ride a bike ... ø ... faire du vélo
  • to swim ... ø ... nager
  • to watch TV ... ø ... regarder la télé
  • video game ... m ... jeu vidéo
  • violin ... m ... violon

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Sewing, knitting, embroidery - Couture, tricot, broderie

25 words to start you with:

  • ball of yarn -- f -- pelote de laine
  • crochet hook -- m -- crochet
  • crocheting -- m -- crocheter
  • embroidery thread -- m -- coton à broder
  • fiber -- f -- fibre
  • hem -- m -- ourlet
  • knit stitch -- f -- maille endroit
  • knitting -- m -- tricot
  • needle -- f -- aiguille
  • pattern -- m -- patron
  • pearl -- f -- perle
  • purl stitch -- f -- maille envers
  • ribbon -- m -- ruban
  • ruffle -- m -- volant
  • sequin -- f -- paillette
  • sewing machine -- f -- machine à coudre
  • silk -- f -- soie
  • skein -- m -- écheveau
  • stitch -- f -- maille
  • thread -- m -- fil
  • to crochet -- ø -- crocheter
  • to embroider -- ø -- broder
  • to knit -- ø -- tricoter
  • to sew -- ø -- coudre
  • yarn -- f -- laine



French Black heritage

French Black heritage

learn french, french podcast, french online, french, français, francais, french grammar, french vocabulary

French Black Heritage - Famous women and men of African descent playing a major role in France

Des femmes et hommes d’origine africaine jouant un rôle primordial en France

Famous women and men of African descent playing a major role in France

  1. Bally Bagayoko...vice-président du Conseil général de Seine Saint-Denis
  2. Joséphine Baker†...chanteuse et danseuse
  3. Djibril Bodian...lauréat 2010 du grand prix de la meilleure baguette
  4. David Delos...journaliste
  5. Harlem Désir...politique, ancien député socialiste européen
  6. Alexandre Dumas†...écrivain
  7. Patrick Fandio...journaliste
  8. Thierry Henry...joueur de foot
  9. Malamine Koné...boxeur et entrepreneur
  10. Noémie Lenoir...top-modèle et actrice
  11. Aïssa Maïga...actrice
  12. Gaston Monnerville†...président du Sénat et avocat
  13. Marie NDiaye...femme de lettres
  14. Yannick Noah...ancien joueur de tennis champion and singer
  15. Tony Parker...joueur de basket
  16. Marie-José Pérec...athlète
  17. Audrey Pulvar...journaliste
  18. Teddy Riner...5 fois champion du monde de judo
  19. Harry Roselmack...journaliste
  20. Henri Salvador†...chanteur
  21. MC Solaar...rappeur
  22. Joey Starr...rappeur et acteur
  23. Omar Sy...acteur
  24. Christiane Taubira...députée de Guyane
  25. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga...joueur de tennis
  26. Rama Yade...politicienne,  membre de l’UMP
  27. Kofi Yamgnane...ancien conseiller régional de Bretagne et ministre français

† deceased

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