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il y a – Today’s French

Say Circus In French



IL Y A is used a lot in many different contexts in French. Learn them all with Anne and practice with her exercice about IL Y A.

The expression “il y a” means different things and has different meanings in French.

il y a, il y aura, il n’y a pas, il n’y a pas de quoi, il y a combien de temps que…

IL Y A is used a lot in French. Get all the rules here and do this exercise with me. See how much you know about IL Y A.

EXO – Practice

Translate the sentences into French with a form or IL Y A in all of them.


  1. There is a bowl on the table.
  2. It will be sunny this afternoon.
  3. There were a lot of people.
  4. I would go to the circus if there were magicians.
  5. Didn’t you come here 2 years ago already?
  6. How long has the company existed?


  1. Il y a un bol sur la table.
  2. Il y aura du soleil cet après-midi.
  3. Il y avait beaucoup de monde.
  4. J’irais bien au cirque s’il y avait des magiciens.
  5. Tu n’es pas déjà venue il y a 2 ans ?
  6. Il y a combien de temps que la boite existe ?



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