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Le mousseux – French expression

Le mousseux - French expression


le mousseux - Photo by hopskochphotography

What does ‘ le mousseux ’ mean in French? How do you pronounce it? Listen to Anne.

Mousseux means that it's "avec mousse", it's frosty, frothing or bubbly. A mousseux is a sparkling or bubbly wine. However, sometimes it's used as an endearing way to talk about real Champagne, as if one didn't want to be presumptuous as to claim they are sophisticated enough to get the real thing. - If that makes sense 🙂

  • « T'as bien pris le mousseux pour le repas du réveillon ? J'avais oublié de le mettre sur la liste. »
  • "Did you actually buy the bubbly for the party? I had forgotten to put it on the list."

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