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la langue de bois – French expression

la langue de bois - French expression

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What does the French expression ‘la langue de bois’ mean? How is it used in a sentence?

La langue de bois - the tongue of wood. la langue de bois is often used with 'pratiquer' (regular ER verb, conjugated like AIMER is). It's used mostly in politics and it means to doublespeak, to talk out of both sides of one's mouth.

  • « Chuis vénère, elle évite toujours la vérité et ne répond jamais aux questions. C'est toujours la langue de bois avec elle et on n'arrive jamais à rien. »
  • "I'm really irritated, she always avoids the truth and never answers questions. Everything she says is just pure talking out of both sides of her mouth and we can never get anywhere."

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