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Facts about French schools

Facts about French schools

Facts about French schools - What makes a French school French? How do they work?

Facts about French schools

  1. long hours
    • primary school — 8:30 – noon and 1:30-4:30
    • secondary school – 8:00 – 5:00 or 6:00
    • lunch – 3 course-meals – often provided at the cafeteria last between 60 to 90 minutes
    • half day on Wednesdays, no school on Saturdays
  2. no uniform
  3. secular public schools mostly – private schools mean religious schools – mostly catholic – and follow the exact same curriculum as public schools, with optional parochial teaching
  4. mostly day schools – few boarding schools
  5. compulsory from 6 to 16 years-old
  6. totally free, except for books and paper goods – lots of financial aid for books
  7. curriculum
    • Teacher-centered teaching – lots of rote memorization, grammar and dictées from Kindergarten on. The curriculum is pretty rigorous and doesn’t allow for special learning challenges. If you need curriculum adjustments, you are quickly redirected towards less challenging programs.
      You don’t get to pick your school, you go to the nearest school in your school district.
  8. about 36 weeks of school, 16 weeks of vacation
    • 2 weeks in November
    • 2 weeks for Christmas
    • 2 weeks in February
    • 2 weeks in April
    • about 8 weeks around July-August

I believe there isn’t that much bullying or hazing in French schools. However, I hear that inner-city schools are pretty violent places, mainly student-teacher/administration conflicts.

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