donner, to give – French verb conjugated

DONNER - Verbe conjugué

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Je lui donnerai un cadeau le 25.

DONNER – Verbe Conjugué – French verb conjugated – How is this verb – to give in English– conjugated? What does it sound like?

DONN- is the root of the verb

-ER is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode ..... statements

présent ..... present tense

je donne ..... I give*

je ne donne pas ..... I don’t give

je donne ..... I give

tu donnes ..... you give

elle donne ..... she gives

il donne ..... he/it gives

on donne ..... we give

nous donnons ..... we give

vous donnez ..... you give

elles donnent ..... they give

ils donnent ..... they give

*also I’m giving…

imparfait ..... imperfect

je donnais ..... I used to give*

je ne donnais pas ..... I didn’t use to give

je donnais ..... I used to give

tu donnais ..... you used to give

elle donnait ..... she used to give

il donnait ..... he/it used to give

on donnait ..... we used to give

nous donnions ..... we used to give

vous donniez ..... you used to give

elles donnaient ..... they used to give

ils donnaient ..... they used to give

*also I would give, I was giving

passé composé ..... preterit or present perfect

j’ai donné ..... I gave*

tu as donné ..... you gave

elle a donné ..... she gave

il a donné ..... he/it gave

on a donné ..... we gave

nous avons donné ..... we gave

vous avez donné ..... you gave

elles ont donné ..... they gave

ils ont donné ..... they gave

*also I have given…

futur simple ..... future tense

je donnerai ..... I will give

je ne donnerai pas ..... I won’t give

je donnerai ..... I will give

tu donneras ..... you will give

elle donnera ..... she will give

il donnera ..... he/it will give

on donnera ..... we will give

nous donnerons ..... we will give

vous donnerez ..... you will give

elles donneront ..... they will give

ils donneront ..... they will give

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