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Les bonnes résolutions

Les trois bonnes résolutions préférées des Français pour la nouvelle année sont :

  • se re/mettre en forme - to get in shape
  • arrêter de fumer - to stop smoking
  • être volontaire dans une association humanitaire - to be a volunteer in a humanitarian organization

Quelles sont les vôtres ? Sont-elles différentes ? Dites-les nous ici.


The three favorite New Year’s resolutions for French people are:

  • to get in shape
  • to stop smoking
  • to be a volunteer in a humanitarian organization

What are yours? Are they different? Share them here.


May I suggest?

  • Improve your French
  • Practice French 10 minutes, 5 days a week
  • Listen to at least one song a week
  • Prepare your next trip to France today
  • Read a paragraph of a book a day
  • Watch a French movie or series every week


And, good news ! You can do all of that by getting your FRENCH ETC. membership today. Hope you do.

Share your resolution - in French or in English - in 'Leave a Reply' below.


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