French verb conjugated – Devenir – To Become

French verb conjugated –DEVENIR


Cette maison deviendra inhabitée dans un mois.

How is DEVENIR conjugated? What does it sound like? AUDIO below, by Anne, a native speaker.

deven- is the root of the verb

-ir is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode -- statements

présent -- present tense

je deviens -- I become*

je ne deviens pas -- I don’t become

je deviens -- I become

tu deviens -- you become

elle devient -- she becomes

il devient -- he/it becomes

on devient -- we become

nous devenons -- we become

vous devenez -- your become

elles deviennent -- they become

ils deviennent -- they become

*also I’m becoming…

imparfait -- imperfect

je devenais -- I used to become•

je ne devenais pas -- I didn’t use to become

je devenais -- I used to become

tu devenais -- you used to become

elle devenait -- she used to become

il devenait -- he/it used to become

on devenait -- we used to become

nous devenions -- we used to become

vous deveniez -- you used to become

elles devenaient -- they used to become

ils devenaient -- they used to become

•also I was becoming, I would become…

passé composé -- preterite or present perfect

je suis devenu/e -- I became

je ne suis pas devenu/e -- I didn’t become

je suis devenu/e -- I became

tu es devenu/e -- you became

elle est devenue -- she became

il est devenu -- he/it became

on est devenu/s/es -- we became

nous sommes devenus/es -- we became

vous êtes devenus/es -- you became

elles sont devenues -- they became

ils sont devenus -- they became

•also I have become…

futur simple -- future tense

je deviendrai -- I will become

je ne deviendrai pas -- I won’t become

je deviendrai -- I will become

tu deviendras -- you will become

elle deviendra -- she will become

il deviendra -- he/it will become

on deviendra -- we will become

nous deviendrons -- we will become

vous deviendrez -- you will become

elles deviendront -- they will become

ils deviendront -- they will become

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