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À CAUSE DE ou PARCE QUE at FrenchHour

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French Vocabulary:: Today's French

Wine vocabulary – Today’s French at FrenchHour

Wine Vocabulary. Les termes pour le vin. Print this page, listen and fill in, or get the PDF. Learn French vocabulary about wine with Anne, a native French teacher at FrenchHour.com

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About France:: Today's French:: Wine

French Varietals – Today’s French at FrenchHour

French Wine Varietals. Les cépages français. A quick reminder of French cépage – varietals, their vignobles – wine regions, and terroir – combination of soil, climate and region. Learn French with Anne at FrenchHour.com

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Today's French

verbs with no preposition – Today’s French at FrenchHour

French verbs with no preposition. Les verbes français sans préposition. This is a list of 17 common verbs that, in French, have no preposition when followed by a noun or a direct object. However, in English, they do require a preposition. Yikes!

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Dictée:: Today's French

Je suis crevée – Today’s French Dictation at French Hour

Je suis crevée – Dictée, I’m exhausted – French dictation. A “dictée” is the transcription of a spoken text. This dictation is going to help you improve your French vocabulary, your understanding of the structure of sentences and your listening comprehension as well. Learn French at FrenchHour.

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French Verbs:: Today's French

-ANT ou infinitif ? Today’s French at FrenchHour

-ANT or infinitive? Present participle – -ing- or infinitive verb? When do the French used participles and when? Learn French with Anne, a native teacher at FrenchHour.com

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