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D-day – Today’s French at FrenchHour

D-day : le Débarquement – Une vidéo. D-day: the Landings in 1944 – A video. Watch the video, read the passage and translation, learn French today , one step at a time.How did the D-Day landings take place on June 6, 1944? Learn about one of the longest days of history happened in French at FrenchHour.com

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Cannes ouvre ses portes at FrenchHour

For 2 weeks, the movies in competition in Cannes will follow one another on the Croisette Avenue. And as a gift, I just prepared this free-access lesson – for a few days only! It’s called “Préparatifs du Festival”. To improve your French, download the lesson and the recording, and then listen, and read. That’s all you have to do. Learn French with Anne at FrenchHour.com

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Combination of Letters – Today’s French at FrenchHour

Combination of Letters. Combinaison de lettres en français. Week 3 of FrenchHour’s French 1 course. French words don’t always look the way they sound. They may combine letters to make a new sound. Let’s go over the 25 most common ones here.

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Un brin de muguet – Le blogue à FrenchHour

Un brin de muguet, A sprig of lily of the valley – French Hour Blog. I wanted to offer you a sprig of lily of the valley today, like the French who give one another one on May 1. Danielle, my mom, grew it. And behind it, you can see the family farm. It will bring you happiness. Learn French with Anne at FrenchHour.com

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Today's French

Pickpockets – Today’s French at FrenchHour

Pickpockets at the Tour Eiffel. Watch, listen, read, translate. The Eiffel Tower attracts millions of tourists and pickpockets manage to defraud the tourists. Learn French with Anne at FrenchHour.com

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Today's French

Saying French Numbers – Today’s French at FrenchHour

Dire les chiffres en français. Saying French Numbers – Practice French numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions and more.

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