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What is a portmanteau word? What are examples of portmanteau words in French? How are  they used in a sentence. Listen to Anne, repeat after her. Learn French at FrenchHour.com

The word portmanteau comes from French portemanteau. It means ‘coat rack’, ‘coat hanger’.

What is a portmanteau word – un mot-valise? It’s a blended word where the last syllable of the first word and the first syllable of the second are combined somehow.

Here is a short list of the most common ones. I’m hoping you can use some of them in a sentence. Send me your work. I’ll go over it.

  1. adulescent.e – adulte+adolescent = teen-adult
  2. alicament – aliment+médicament = food that cures
  3. beurgeois.e – Beur+(bour)geois.e = person from North-African descent having a bourgeois life-style
  4. bobo = bourgeois+bohème = yuppie with an attitude
  5. Brexit – Br(i)tain+Exit – Brexit
  6. coronapéro – coronavirus+apéro = virtual cocktail with friends and family during Covid-19
  7. courriel – courrier+électronique = email
  8. franglais – français+anglais = Frenglish
  9. infox – informations+intoxication = fake news
  10. lundimanche – lundi+dimanche = all the days of the week are the same
  11. motel – moteur+hôtel – motel
  12. pourriel – poubelle+courriel = spam email message

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