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What does PENSER mean? What are its prepositions?

Many verbs have different meanings in French, particularly if they carry a preposition. Let’s take the verb PENSER as an example.

to think something – penser (ø) quelque chose

Je pense que le bouquin est chez toi. — I think the book is at your place.

to think about, to remember – penser à

Tu penseras à amener le bouquin demain ? — Will you remember to bring /think about bringing the book tomorrow?

to have an opinion about, to think of – penser de

Qu’est-ce que tu penses de ce bouquin ? — What do you think of this book? What’s your opinion on this book?TAKE THE QUIZ

Expert Corner

Knowing the preposition attached to a verb is important when it comes to deciding which pronoun to use. In this example, LE, Y or EN are the pronouns.

Je pense que le bouquin est chez toi. Je le pense.

Tu penses à amener le bouquin demain ? Tu y penses demain ?

Qu’est-ce que tu penses de ce bouquin ? Qu’est-ce tu en penses ?

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