Tips to Learn French Conjugations at FrenchHour

Tuyaux pour apprendre les conjugaisons à Frenchhour

Anne’s tips to learn conjugations

Learning conjugations is an on-going task. You’ll get better results if you enjoy the journey as well as the end result. I’ve heard students say that learning how to conjugate French verbs is kind of boring. Personally, I love it. I get into a ‘zone’, it’s like meditation to me.

1. Review ONE conjugation at a time

French Verbs can be broken down by tense (present, imparfait…), by mode (indicative, subjunctive), by verb type (ER verbs, Ir verbs…). Make sure you’re focusing on only one set of conjugations at a time.

2. Review DAILY

give yourself one week to review one chosen list daily for a week

3. Keep it PLAYFUL

make sure it’s fun for you. Keep in mind the process is enjoyable too, not just the end result

4. Make up different GAMES

make up games – blanks, shuffles, races (stopwatch), memory, scramble, crossword puzzles, matching…

5. Say the conjugation ALOUD

always say the words aloud. Don’t just read them in your head

6. Always TEST yourself with or without a teacher

test yourself at the end. Even more efficient, ask your teacher to test you on your verbs

7. REVISIT your verbs regularly

go back to any verb on a regular basis. Most of us tend to forget French conjugations if we don’t “re-activate” them from time to time

How to review?

The best way for me has always been flashcards, either on paper or on the computer. I look at the French, say it out loud and check if the translation on the English translation on the other side or the other column is correct.

1.On paper

Get sturdy cardstock and cut out 3″ by 5″ (7 by 12 cm) rectangles. Choose a theme you want to study out of my verbs. In this list, select one item. Write down the French on one side and its English translation on the other side.

Another variation: On the other side, you can also write a sentence with the right context, or draw a picture if you are a better artist than I am.

In any case, say the verb conjugation ALOUD as you pick a card.

Don’t hesitate to bring the cards with you everywhere.

2.On the computer

Open a new document with 2 columns. Type up the French in one column and its English translation on the second column. On the second column, you can also write a sentence with the right context, or add a picture.

In any case, say the French verb ALOUD as you read.

Text or email the list to yourself, so you can read it anywhere on your phone or tablet.

3.With a software

1.QUIZLET – tests are endless and excellent

See Anne’s Quizlets lists


3.GENIUS for Mac users

4. Any spreadsheet software such as MICROSOFT EXCEL

At the end

Ask your teacher to test you and to create exercises weekly for you.BECOME A MEMBER

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