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English Words in French – Today’s French at FrenchHour

English Words In French – Today’s French

English Words in French

Mots anglais en français

This post is an excerpt of Week 1 of Anne’s ‘French 1 – A1’ course, a 30-week French course for the total beginner.

Who says French is hard to learn? There are tons of English words used in the French language – with a French accent, of course. Here is a list of some that I hear often in French.

Note that most of them are masculine.

My favorite one is ‘un pin’s’. What’s your favorite?

Do you know another one? Feel free to Leave a Reply below.

Most of all, listen, repeat out loud and learn how to pronounce these words. That’s how you’ll start sounding like a French person, by copying my voice and my intonation.

  1. m …. babyfoot …. foosball, table football
  2. m …. barman …. barman, bartender
  3. m …. basket …. basket-ball
  4. f …. basket …. tennis shoe
  5. m …. best-seller …. best-seller book
  6. m …. bifteck …. steak (beef)
  7. m …. blazer …. blazer, suit jacket
  8. m …. blogue …. blog
  9. m …. bluff …. bluff
  10. m …. boss …. boss
  11. m …. bouledogue …. bulldog
  12. m …. boycott …. boycott
  13. ø …. boycotter …. to boycott
  14. m …. brainstorming …. brainstorming session
  15. m …. business …. business
  16. m …. businessman[1] …. businessman
  17. m …. caddy …. store cart
  18. m …. camping …. camp site
  19. m …. casting …. casting, distribution
  20. m …. challenge …. challenge

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Exercice – Practice

Remplacez les tirets avec les mots de la liste et la traduction. — Fill in the blanks with the words from the list and the translation.

L’été dernier, on était au « 1._____ des Lilas ». On jouait tous les jours au 2._____ et au 3._____. On a sympathisé avec le 4._____. Un jour, il nous a demandé de faire les courses pour lui : il voulait 5 caisses de bière. C’est très lourd ! Quand nous sommes arrivés au supermarché, il n’y avait pas de 5._____. On est donc revenus les mains vides et les gens au camping ont presque fait la révolution. On se souviendra de ce jour-là toute notre vie !


Last summer, we were staying at the ‘Lilacs 1.Campsite’. We would play 2.basketball and 3.foosball every day. We became friendly with the 4.bartender. One day, he asked us to go shopping for him: he wanted 5 crates of beer. It’s very heavy! When we arrived at the supermarket, there were no 5.carts. So we came back empty-handed and people at the campsite almost had a revolution. We will remember that day forever!

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