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French Holiday Table
Anne’s blogue is just another excuse to learn French today! And that’s at FrenchHour.com
Scroll down and listen to Anne in French and get lots of freebies to learn French better this week

Play Games in French

Get ready for a French class full of Holiday cheer!

The holidays are coming up soon. Escape the stressful travel arrangements, the headache of planning family activities, the work deadlines pressure.

Come to the Atelier, a December workshop with lots of games that will help you improve your French in a fun way.

Win a prize
Be sure to join me live for a chance to win a holiday gift from French Hour! Everybody wins! If you registered, you’re guaranteed to win a prize to further your French.

Head on over to our Workshop page to learn more.

Atelier: Play games in French 
Dates: Thursday, December 6, 13 and 20, 2018
Time: from 4:30 to 5PM Paris time
Duration: 30 Minutes
Teacher: Anne


Quiz - Jouez en français – Le Blogue

Écoutez ou lisez l'article et trouvez la traduction. -- Listen or read the article and find the right translation.




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