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Thanksgiving – Dictée – Today’s French at French Hour

Thanksgiving – Dictée – Today’s French à FrenchHour.com

Chestnuts In French

La journée d’action de grâce – Dictée – Le français d’aujourd’hui

Dictées are not for every one. But if you get hooked, like I am, you get a better understanding of the structure of French. If you choose to repeat after me, you’ll also improve your pronunciation and your listening skills.

Let’s do this! You will first hear the whole passage. In this case, because it’s Today’s French, the passage is short. But no worries, the whole text is there for you, should you choose to become a premium member at French Hour. Then, phrase by phrase, you will write down what you’re hearing. The full lesson has the translation as well.

La journée d’action de grâce

Je voudrais que tu ailles faire les courses pour la journée d’action de grâce. Je préfère que tu prennes la voiture pour…




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Thanksgiving – Course

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