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Thanksgiving Vocabulary – Today’s French at French Hour

Thanksgiving Vocabulary – Today’s French

Say Turkey In French

La journée d’action de grâce – Vocabulaire – Le français d’aujourd’hui

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I realize not every one celebrates Thanksgiving. The French certainly don’t. But wait! Don’t go away. This material applies to many other contexts and you can still learn from this lesson. Check your knowledge with this fun quiz.

Mini list about Thanksgiving

  1. corn …. m …. maïs
  2. cranberry …. f …. canneberge, airelle
  3. grateful, thankful …. m/f …. reconnaissant/e
  4. guest …. m/f …. invité/e
  5. holiday (day) …. m/f …. férié/e, jour férié
  6. horn of plenty …. f …. corne d’abondance
  7. Native American …. m/f …. Amérindien/ne
  8. Thanksgiving (day) …. m/f …. jour, journée d’action de grâce
  9. turkey …. f …. dinde
  10. yam …. f …. igname

Mini Quiz - Thanksgiving Vocabulary - Longer and Interactive here

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