Prélèvement à la Source – Le Blogue at FrenchHour

Prélèvement à la Source – Le Blogue at FrenchHour

Tax Withholding

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The summer holidays are over, and the French are now thinking about their taxes.

Tax withholding is on the front page of most of our newspapers.

Previously, their taxes were paid a year late. Taxpayers opted for one payment, quarterly payments or monthly payments. In all cases, the sum was based on their income from the previous year, which had the potential to create a big problem if there was a loss of income in the current year.

This year, President Macron decided that the reform, initiated by François Hollande, will go into effect in January 2019.

Note that almost all European countries withhold taxes, rather than having taxpayers pay taxes later.

Big hubbub in French homes!

What about you, how do you pay your taxes?

In any case, today’s article is yet another excuse to advance your French. You may have noticed my use of possessive adjectives in this article. There are 7 of them. Can you spot them?

In the meantime, I’m offering you this interactive quiz. I would like to see you obtain a result of at least 90% three times in a row before choosing another topic to work on to make progress in French.

Have fun!

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