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TOUT, TOUTE, TOUS, TOUTES – Today’s French at FrenchHour

TOUT, TOUTE, TOUS, TOUTES – Today’s French

TOUT, TOUTE, TOUS, TOUTES – Le français d’aujourd’hui

How to use TOUT, TOUTE, TOUS, TOUTES and how to pronounce them.
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TOUT has four variations and different meanings

  • TOUT when followed by a masculine singular word (pain)
    • Je mangerai tout le pain.
    • I’ll eat the whole bread.


  • TOUTE when followed by a feminine singular word (tartine)
    • Je mangerai toute la tartine.
    • I’ll eat the whole slice of bread.


  • TOUS when followed by a masculine plural word (gâteaux)
    • Je mangerai tous les gâteaux.
    • I’ll eat all the cakes.
  • TOUS when not followed by anything means ‘everyone, all’. In that case, you tend to pronounce the S
    • Tous mangeront les gâteaux.
    • They’ll all eat the cakes.


  • TOUTES when followed by a feminine plural word (pâtisseries)
    • Je mangerai toutes les pâtisseries.
    • I’ll eat all the pastries.


Mini Quiz - tout, tous, toute or toutes - This quiz is LONGER and INTERACTIVE at FrenchHour

Replace the blank with ‘tout, tous, toute or toutes’ and translate the sentence.

    All of this is my goal.
    She bought all the CDs. All of them!
    Have you heard the whole story?
    All the students at French Hour are happy.
    It’s a special car. It’s a two-horse-power Citroën. -- Visit more at TOUT, TOUTE, TOUS, TOUTES – Today’s French

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