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The Letter G – Pronunciation

La Lettre G – Prononciation

What are the different pronunciation for the French letter G? What are the rules for pronouncing French G?
Marais Salant Anne

I have identified 6 main ways to pronounce the letter G in French. Of course, we know of soft G – like the letter G in French or the S in  ‘s’ in pleasure in English – and the hard G – as in gâteau or Guével. and like the G in gaze in English. In the table in the premium lesson, I pinpointed 4 other G’s that are often challenging for non-French speakers.

Let’s do the quiz together below. You’ll hear 10 words in a random order and you have to decide what type of a G sound it is Don’t worry  about the meaning of words as we’re focusing only on the sounds here.

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