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Past Participle Lists

Listes de participes passés

Here are 12 verbs and their past participles. Practice French grammar with Anne at FrenchHour.com
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Voici une liste de 12 verbes et leurs participes passés.

So, what to do with such a list?

This list is intended to be memorized: learn what the past participle is for these 12 verbs and what auxiliary they take – AVOIR or ÊTRE – when conjugated in the passé composé, or in any compound tense, for that matter. To see how the passé composé works, please refer to this lesson – Le passé composé – Formation (premium members only)

For instance, if we look at the first verb of the first list, we see that:
accueillir is to welcome in English. We can memorize that accueilli is its past participle and we note that AVOIR is what its auxiliary is.

Therefore, when I want to say :
I welcomed my guests yesterday.
I’ll know to pick both AVOIR – j’ai and ACCUEILLI
J’ai accueilli mes invités hier.
  1. accueillir …. accueilli …. to welcome …. avoir
  2. aimer …. aimé …. to like, to love …. avoir
  3. apprendre …. appris …. to learn …. avoir
  4. avoir …. eu …. to have …. avoir
  5. être …. été …. to be …. avoir
  6. faire …. fait …. to make, to do …. avoir
  7. mettre …. mis …. to put, to put on …. avoir
  8. partir …. parti …. to leave …. être
  9. prendre …. pris …. to take …. avoir
  10. sortir …. sorti …. to go out, to exit
  11. voir …. vu …. to see …. avoir
  12. vouloir …. voulu …. to want …. avoir


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