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AILLE – French pronunciation at FrenchHour

AILLE – French pronunciation

AILLE – Prononciation en français

How do you pronounce the French sound AILLE. What are words with AIL in it? How are they different from EUIL? Practice with Anne at FrenchHour.com
Say Protractor In French

Donne-moi les détails de la pagaille au travail.

Practice saying these words

  1. aïl …. garlic
  2. caille …. quail
  3. faille …. fault, have to
  4. vaille …. be worth

Compare these two sounds

  1. aïe …. œil …. eye
  2. caille …. cueille …. pick
  3. faille …. feuille …. sheet, leaf
  4. vaille …. veuille …. want

AIL – Silly Rhyme

Donne-moi les détails de la pagaille au travail.

Give me the details on the mess at work.




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