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la gauche caviar - mot du jour at FrenchHour.com

limousine liberal or champagne socialist – French expression

What does ” la gauche caviar ” mean? How do you say ‘limousine liberal or champagne socialist’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne, a French native say it at FrenchHour.com.

la gauche caviar – the left caviar. In everyday French, la gauche means ‘the left’, but la gauche also describes the left wing of the French Parliament and all the liberals in general. The expression la gauche caviar is slightly derogatory and underlines the paradox between being a liberal – often a socialist in France – and still having a privileged and cozy way of life. I’ve heard a limousine liberal in English. And Colin, a student had this translation of ‘a champagne socialist’ that I find wonderful. Thank you, Colin.

  • « Comment veux-tu qu’elle comprenne ce que les SDF vivent ? Elle a deux maisons de campagne. Elle est une gauche caviar. »
    • “How do you suspect she could understand what the homeless are going through? She owns two vacation houses. She’s a limousine liberal/champagne socialist.”


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